Laser Cutting Services

Laser cutting picture

Using the latest fully automated CNC Laser machinery Metal Technology Ltd. can laser cut parts precisely to your specification.
A wide range of materials and thicknesses can be laser cut including mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel, chequer plate, galvanised Steel and Hardox.
Laser cutting picture
Our CAD department ensures parts are nested as efficiently as possible on the material to provide maximum material usage and reduced cutting times.
The entire process ensures an accurate, efficient, cost effective cutting solution. This process is more precise and better quality than traditional plasma cutting.
Laser cutting picture
Laser Cut sheet dimensions up to 4000mm x 2000mm

Laser Cutting thicknesses up to:

  • Mild Steels – 25mm
  • Stainless Steels – 20mm
  • Aluminium – 12mm
  • Galvanised Steel – 5mm

Laser cutting pictureLaser cutting picture